Mobile personal services

What do I do - as a mobile personal trainer?

I work with clients in the comfort of their own home on their strength and fitness. We workout at a time that is convenient to them around work and family commitments. I bring along everything that we need for the training session.

Some clients can feel overwhelmed or intimidated in a gym environment and training in their own home with me to keep them on track works well for them.

How I work with my clients

When I start with a new client I go through a posture and movement analysis. Using the information gathered from this analysis we work on exercises to correct and dysfunction in movement. Tightness or weakness in muscles generally cause the dysfunction and we start each training session with stretches and targeted moves to improve movement.

Each training session will include some balance and mobilisation exercises so that the movements in the rest of the session can be carried out without restriction. The bulk of the session will then focus on working towards client goals and the mix of cardio exercise and strength training will vary client to client. The session generally ends focussing our core and some stretches.


To keep sessions challenging and interesting we use a variety of portable equipment, such as kettlebells, swiss ball, dumbbells, slam balls, plate weights, resistance bands, Pilates balls and suspension trainer (TRX). Each session is different unless we are working on progressive overload to build strength and muscle mass.

My style of coaching

I will plan a challenging but achievable combination of exercises for each session. I am an encouraging and flexible coach as I believe clients succeed when they are cheered on rather than shouted at. I like to get to know my client’s preferences for training and we will stick within that whilst they gain strength, then I gently encourage them to move outside of their comfort zone.

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