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5 Exercises for you to do at home or in the garden.

As of Friday last week the gyms are closed. As of Monday evening, we are to leave the house, only for essentials and to take one bit of exercise per day.

I have moved all my clients onto a virtual version personal training using Skype or Zoom, and although it's not what we are used to it's working really well. I'm amazed at the equipment that my clients have dug out and dusted off. There are so many bodyweight exercises that can be done to raise the heart rate and keep us fit and mobile.

As stress and anxiety levels are running pretty high at the moment for us all, we are in need of a bit of a distraction and some endorphins, so why not put your trainers on? Lets do some positive movements for our mind and our bodies. Below I wanted to share 5 exercises that you can do in your lounge, or if the sun is out - the garden. No equipment required.

I am also going to be running the following free classes on Zoom - for all to join live or to watch back at your leisure. Classes start w/c 30th March please drop me a message to info@revolutions.fit with the class/es you would like to attend.

Monday 10am :- Parents and child cardio fun - 20 mins.

Wednesday 10am:- Cardio and strength - 40 mins

Friday 10am: - Low impact cardio and strength - 30 mins

These are my top 5 moves:-

Try out each exercise for 1 minute and complete 3 rounds.

1. Jacks and half jacks.

This exercise will raise the heart beat, it gets the blood flowing and the endorphins pumping.

If you have issues with jumping, keep it low with a half jack, either way brace the abs (and pull up the pelvic floor). Land the heels with both high and low impact movements.

2. Elbow to knee marches

The key with this move is to keep your elbows wide for maximum rotation in the core. Bring the elbow to wards the knee and the knee right up towards the elbow.

3. Can can

Bit silly, but lots of fun.

You take the elbow to the knee and then the same leg - fingers to toes.

Bonus points for singing the dur dur da da da da da da da at the same time.

4. Inchworm walks

I really like this one it's great for improving the bone density in the arms and strengthening the muscles in the upper body.

Hinge at the hips, reach for the toes, taking your body weight into your arms as you walk your hands forward in to a plank. Then walk the feet up to your hands and keep your legs as straight as possible.

5. Knee drives

We reach up tall and then crunch, bringing the knee in as the hands drive downwards. It's important to really brace the abs to get the most of this movement.

Remember, keep moving and don't forget to drop me an email and register for your virtual class.

Take care.

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