• Sara McDonnell

Another first

I'm buzzing this morning about the fantastic event I went to last night. It was an informal networking event for women looking to support each other through new business ventures or share their experiences. I've never been to a networking event like this before and I really glad I put myself out there.

I learnt a lot about myself and what I'm trying to achieve with this business, last night. Most importantly I reminded myself that you don't need a job title to define who you are. I think I've been guilty of hiding behind my job title in the past and now I don't have one I have been feeling a little bit exposed. As a 'work in progress' it's ok to be just that, but last night, with the help of other I came up with my succinct story. I'm no longer a Head of Planning I'm now someone that wants to help you achieve your health and fitness goals - whatever they might be.

I also read a great meme this morning that said something along the lines of try and impress yourself everyday rather than other people. I wish I had saved it but I really like the gist of it. If you aim to do things to impress yourself you will be authentic and true to you and that is way more impressive.