• Sara McDonnell

New Year's Resolutions

It is too easy to set yourself big and ambitious resolutions and targets as the new year starts, but what support are you going to give yourself during this time?

The common resolution I hear, as a Personal Trainer, is I want to lose weight or I want to be slimmer.

What these types of statements do not account for is the building of muscle, the immediate loss of water weight. In short doesn’t address the how! A smarter goal might be I would like to reduce my waist circumference by a centimetre or an inch by the end of Febuary. So, what specific goals would contribute towards this smarter goal?

Setting achievable goals.

One could be to move more and consume a little less through the week to create a calory deficiency. Planning out times that can be used to fit in a few extra exercise sessions can help us make this goal more realistic.

Another specific goal could be planning out meals through the week to help reduce snacking on sugary convenience foods.

When thinking about looking better it is worth considering whether the spread around the waist is coming from bloating? Are you eating the right foods - like plenty of veg and fibre, and are you eating foods that don’t suit you, dairy and wheat and there are many other triggers for the bloat? A chat with a nutritional therapist will help you identify small tweaks that can help you feel more better in a relatively short period of time.

Exercise sessions are great for us mentally and physically so what are they going to include? What do you like doing? Are you making a commitment to yourselves or a group? Supportive groups and classes can give you an extra level of commitment that you might not get by our self.

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

There are certain barriers that prevent us from staying with our resolutions, If we identify them and address them up front, we can often find a strategy around them.

For example, you might not think you have time to go out to a fitness class or the times don’t suit you. Busy working and family life often means that we don't have the time to travel to the local gym or can't leave the house in the evening .This is where I can help you, as a mobile trainer I travel to my client’s homes at a time convenient to them, often in the evening or at lunchtime on the a working from home day. I supply all the necessary equipment.

You might have budget restrictions or feel that personal training is too intense one on one. This is a common concern but with small group sessions available this can help. Do any of your friends have similar goals and you have a time in common for a small group session. These are so much fun, catching up and getting stronger and fitter together and you can split the cost of sessions between you.

You might feel like you aren't fit enough or don't have the 'right' kit to go out to the gym. Lacking confidence to start exercising can be a big barrier to some people but it can be overcome with support and gentle encouragement. We have all started from somewhere. I hated exercising as a child and teenager. As someone with poor hand eye coordination team sports were painfully awkward experiences for me. I started out trying lots of different types of exercises in my early twenties and eventually found classes and activities that I enjoyed and looked forward to rather than making excuses and postponing sessions.

If you struggle with motivation and find it tough to stick to your goals I can hold you accountable to them. My coaching style is supportive and encouraging and I plan challenging but achievable sessions.

If you would like some help getting started in 2020 why not get in touch for a chat or join my free 10-day fitness challenge?

10-day fitness challenge.

All I need is 20 mins of your time for the next 10 days. Over the 10 days in January, we will help you define your goals for the duration of the challenge. I will share workouts with you, to fit in around your busy life and we will give you nutrition advice so that you start to feel slimmer, lighter and more positive about your health for the new decade. There will be 5 workouts focusing on differ areas of the body, they can be done individually or back to back for a longer workout.

For more information about what is included in the 10-day challenge and how to sign up visit https://www.eventbrite.com/o/sara-revolutionsfit-28461111883